Saturday, September 23, 2017

Camping Genius: Pickup Canoe/Kayak Carrier

Actual pickup canoe rack built by a reader
from the plans in the blog.
This project is a handy multi-purpose rack for carrying canoes, kayaks, and even four-wheelers. The original idea came after a struggle getting six Pathfinder canoes to the river for a trip down the Trinity. It's actually simpler to cartop a canoe than to carry it in a pickup. In a truck it's either set up to catch the maximum amount of wind or sticking so far out the back that passing policemen look at you askance and may even pull you over.

This link to my Howdyadewit weblog shows you a way to make a simple rack that will fit in your pickup, carry a canoe or a kayak level and leave room below for all the life jackets, paddles, coolers and camping gear you want to take with you.

Best thing is when you're done with it, you can take it out of the bed of the pickup, set it on concrete blocks to protect the wood from the damp ground and voila'. You've got a canoe rack you can store your canoes on in the backyard. Just slop a little Thompson's Water Seal ™ on it every year or so and the thing will last as long as you do.

Check it out at this web address:

Now all you need is half a dozen canoes and three pickups (you can make it wide enough to carry two canoes side by side or 4 kayaks nested.

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