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Debunking SDA Myths: The Truth Will Set You Free

Pope Frances & Shimon Peres discuss creating a "United Religions" organization. Notice this did not happen
in secret. The author of this sign of the end is quite happy to have his work displayed on the nightly news.
An article by Loren Siebold appeared in Spectrum Magazine back in 2011 that, I think every Adventist should read. It concerns the false stories that over the years have been spread in the back rooms of Adventist churches and in the more dogmatic sorts of SDA study groups. The author claims this sort of Adventist "mythology" is harmful and Siebold is dead on in that assessment I believe.

This is a sermon topic that should be preached in every SDA church. As the article says, the trouble with these conspiracy theories is that they assume Satan is far less subtle than he is. We are seeing the Great Controversy coming to its end every day in the news. The Threefold Union from Revelation is being formed on the front pages of the newspaper and in Youtube videos released by the major players themselves. The devil is kind of proud of the great deception he's working. He's not being secret about it. Just listen to the great players in their own words. They are telling us what they intend to do to us.

Anyone who grew up SDA and watched the video from the Pope to the charismatic envangelicals declaring an end to "Luther's protest" and inviting them back into the fold, had chills running up their spines. Anyone who read the news story about Shimon Peres inviting the pope to become the leader of a United Religions organization designed to parallel the United Nations, sat back and went "Whoa!"

We need not hurry the end of time along. It will come and as Sister White said, the final movements will be rapid ones. We do not need to depend on people who claim to be "in" on secret plots for information. Satan is working his will out in the open on the news and in the media.When Jesus said he would come as a "thief in the night" he wasn't talking about burglers. Thieves in the night in Jesus day were more like home invaders. You knew they were there all right, even though their coming might have been a surprise.

We especially do not need to make things up to prove our point. Too often we fall for invented stories and trumped up controversies because they offer us an opportunity to be in on the big secrets that make us holier than the rest of the rabble. We need only spread the Gospel and the big ending will happen inevitably. Too often, I fear, Christians of all stripes, believe that God needs better public relations and that somehow making stuff up to make God look better is helping him out.

They should remember the scene before the judgement seat and the self-proclaimed holy men who tell God, "See what I did for you." God tells them, "I never knew you." That should definitely give us pause when we even consider stretching the truth or repeating unsubstantiated gossip, no matter how spectacular it might be.

If we are to be the sons and daughters of God, we ought to tell the strict truth. Period. There is no excuse to do otherwise. God does not need that kind of help!

As leaders of families and leaders of churches, it is our duty to speak out against these kinds of efforts to create excitement among our members through deception. We must demand proof before we allow such people into our pulpits. Examine every messenger who comes with "special secret information" for the church - especially if he takes up a collection to help his "work". We do not need the "secrets" brought to us by the likes of John Todd, Ron Wyatt, Colin Standish and Alberto Riviera to proclaim the message of the soon-coming Saviour. We need the Word of God alone. 
The signs of the end, Christ told us, would be as obvious as the leaves changing color in the autumn. We've already been told that if someone comes to say that Christ can be found in some secret place, not to go there. I think the same principle applies to those who try to "sell" salvation through secrets, fear and lies.

Let's not go there!

© 2015 by Tom King

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