Sunday, April 28, 2013

Manly Adventist Cooking: Granola

Smells great cooling on the counter.
Making granola is pretty simple and looks more impressive than it is.  All you need are the right ingredients and an oven.  You can start with this simple granola recipe and add all sorts of extra tasty stuff and make granola your kids will eat by the bowl for snacks.

It's not sugar free, but if you use honey and maple syrup and other natural sweeteners, it's better for you than anything you can get on your grocer's cereal shelves.  You can add your favorite nuts, dried fruits or practically anything. You can throw in a little Chex mix, a load of cashews, craisins, dried pineapple.  I buy a $4 bag of Wal-Mart's Tropical Fruit Trail Mix.  There's enough in a bag for two batches of granola.

If you want to be really impressive, try creating a fancy storage box for your homemade granola.  You can probably find something in an antique store that is unlabeled or that you can relabel. Take your time and find something that fits on the shelf or countertop that holds 10 or 15 cups of granola at a time.  It should seal tight to keep the granola from going stale, although at my house there's not a lot of danger of that.  My problem is keeping it in stock.

It makes a great TV snack or afternoon munch too.  You can make it while you're working on another project around the house.  This makes a great mult-tasking project. It will amaze your loved ones when you repair the window screen and make a batch of incredibly tasty homemade granola at the same time.

The recipe is here:

Bon Appetit'

Uncle Tom

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