Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Camping Genius: Georgeburgers!

Mmmmmm, vegeburger.
Back when I was a kid I had a paper route that took me up College Drive in Keene Texas and past Blair's Store.  Blairs was an old-fashioned little grocery with a grill inside where Mrs. George, one of the employees made vegeburgers.  They were wonderful.  I much preferred them to "real" hamburgers. 

I would save up my money (I rode a five mile bike route every day and made a stunning $5 a week) and whenever I could, I'd stop and buy one of Mrs. George's vegeburgers and an ice-cold Dr. Pepper in the tall bottle - right out of one of those chest style box coolers. Life was good.

When Blair's Store was closed and the building torn down, I worried about Mrs. George.  She landed on her feet however, along with her secret vegeburger recipe.  She worked for a time in the Southwestern Adventist College Cafeteria, the Rail Head cafe and any other short-lived restaurant that wanted to corner the vegeburger trade.

Shortly before she died, she finally shared the secret recipe with the mother of an old classmate of mine, Stanley Bruce.  Stanley got it from her and shared it with several of us on Facebook.  I wrote it up on my weblog and here it is.

Every youth leader, Pathfinder director and Adventist of high moral character should have a copy of this recipe and know how to make it over a grill or an open fire.  They are best made in an iron skillet, but I've found a little grill plate I can lay over the charcoal grill and cook vegeburgers without losing them through the grill into the coals.

Check out Mrs. George's recipe.  You'll be the hit of the campout, just make this stuff up ahead of time and transport it chilled to the campsite in a Tupperware container. 

These are also great for Pathfinder fund-raisers as well. 

Bon' appetit,
Tom King (c) 2012

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